Sunday, 29 October 2017

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DE - One of the world's leading Drum N' Bass world Wide internet Radio station streaming across the world wide web,playing strictly the finest in intelligent liquid Rollers what we are know for,evolved in radio in the late 80s in to acid house.lead lats 80s now 90s drum n bass involved forming beats and tempo.not like now the trk all are ready made friends like dj crystal Rupert Danny Gavin Carl and loads early 90s as great playing peoples works,The Deep Atmospheric sounds was till now rolling all around the world 30 years later going ever so strong,we at innersence radio carrying on bring people in,with few that bombed from our Platform Playing All  Around The World With The Class Djs In our game,noting millions of years that would happen.(can you guess) So 2017-2018-2019 !!One Of Finest in up Upfront,Soulful And Atmospheric Beats spreading Love And World Peace With Our Music round The World Together We Spread Via DJs Playing From All Over Earth So ALL ways Welcome ever One That Are Lovers Of Dnb aka (DRUM AND BASS) So So Check Check Roll DE Beats >>>>>> Come And Join Us

Monday, 18 September 2017

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Monday, 11 September 2017

In Effect

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((( THIS SUNDAY 8 PM GMT )) !!! We start the year with the best of the drum and bass atmospheric soul and Liquid, first transmission of 2018 for, we #Scjay Duran will be mixing #Miv Mx and its server ;) State Side -Mexico-Australia -Canada -Russia List BIG Across All Of The World PM GMT, Monthly Sessions tune in! 😎Scjay Duran
Come And Join Us in the ChatRoom We are there all crews are @

Sunday just gone live streaming From Mexico with the sounds of Guillermo FernĂĄndez.absolutely Shouts out to those who locked in, big ups each and ever one here it is again

Thursday, 7 September 2017

LTJ Bukem Soundcrash Mix - 31.03.2016 [FULL SET]

Sunday, 6 August 2017 Live Mexico.

Scjay Drum and Bass with Wee Dow On De Mic Wishing a Great Happy Birthday Today Sokick  back Press Play Live N Direct In Session In Effect streaming live from Expendio Records, Mexico City to Enjoy 

Monday, 31 July 2017


It's more than a passion, it's a belief One of the world's leading Drum N' Bass world Wide internet Radio station streaming across the world wide web,playing strictly the finest in intelligent liquid ,Upfront,Soulful and atmospheric beats around,Come And Join Us

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Joe RodrĂ­guez - Live Set for Innersence Radio UK

PFM - The Western (original mix) HD

LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad at Logical Progression - Old School Session - 15 j...

LTJ Bukem Let It Roll Fest Part 2 Czech Rep 23 7 11 MOV

LTJ Bukem Mc Ribbz - Vegfest Bristol - 24 05 2015

LTJ Bukem Feat MC Conrad Live @ Electronic Beats 2002

MC Conrad — Nadiresonance (PHD Remix) • Intelligent Drum 'n' Bass

Decktronik Vibe Tribe Live Mix 17 4 15

Deckronik-The Saturday Session

Decktronik Live 17.12.15 -, vaugnlivetv/muskenite & inn...

Synthetic Journey & Decktronik - In My Mind

Decktronik - Liquid Friday Vibe Tribe 17.2.17

Decktronik Liquid Friday Vibe Tribe 9 6 17

Decktronik - Classic Liquid Vinyl Mix 24 6 17

Decktronik Live Liquid Friday session on ...

Decktronik-LIve innersenceradiodnb.

Bliss and Boom 2 (mixed by Vital and Hubb) |FREE|

blofeld/indivision for innersense radio 1





Joe RodrĂ­guez - Live Set for Innersence Radio UK

Saturday, 24 June 2017

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Friday, 23 June 2017


For The Finest Deep Rollers

Music  Drum And Bass.Rolling beats Started Up in the uk back 1990s 28 years Later Still Going Strong At innersence radio.Beats from all over the world get aired by with World wide audience that are in to There beats.With Djs?Producers From Australia,Mexico,Brazil Canada Uk.Germany Greece Australia  Poland .List goes on..Doing Live Shows.Few djs never thought in million years they be out touring the world and playing with Legends Like LTJ Bukem,Don't Get Much Bigger.That Can Be You Next.iF you like Mixing.making Tunes.First Step one of the best platforms .

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playing strictly the finest in intelligent liquid Upfront,Soulful and atmospheric beats 24/7

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